Digital Signature Certificates

Digital  Signature is an electronic type of mark used to validate the character of the sender of a message or the endorser of the report. It is put away in a USB drive.It guarantees:

  • Originality of document
  • Easy transportability
  • Security against imitated by someone else
  • Confirmation of Identity of sender
  • High-level security for online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy.

Types of Digital Signature:

1) Class 1 Certificate: Used for

Securing Email communication

2) Class 2 Certificate: Used for

  • Incorporation of Company or LLP
  • IT return E-filing
  • Obtaining DIN or DPIN
  • Filing other forms with MCA and Income-tax Department

3) Class 3 Certificate: Used for

  1. E-tendering
  2. Participating in E-Auction   

How to Apply for DSC

Following are the requirements for Applying for Digital Signature Certificate

1.Submission of DSC Application form duly filled in by the applicant

  1. Producing Photo ID proof

3.Producing  Address proof

Points to Remember

  • Digital signatures are issued for 1 or 2 years. After their validity has expired, they need to be renewed
  • A person can have different DSCs – one for official purpose and the other DSC for personal purpose
  • Digitally signed documents are acceptable in legal courts as an evidence or proof

Documents Required for DSC

Class 2
1) photo
2) Pancard
3) aadhar card
Class 3
1) photo
2) aadhar card
3) Pancard
4) 6 months bank statement
5) itr
6) firm registration (in case of firm dsc)